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GAIA-X Federation Services Integration

Project Type

Next generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated and shared in an environment of trust


2022 - 2023

Our Role

- Deploying multiple services on Kubernetes using CI/CD and Helm
- Automation of service integrations
- Creating Docker images for existing services
- Implementation of new services: Principal Creation Service, Invitation Service, DID Management Service, Claim Mapper Service
- Setting up of various Kubernetes jobs
- Bug Fixing and support for existing deployments

Core components

- Identity & Trust
- Federated Catalog
- Sovereign Data Exchange
- Compliance

Federation service layer

- Authentication methods
- GAIA-X Service UI and Workflow Engine
- Orchestration methods (Infrastructure, Interconnection, Dataspaces)
- Interfaces for external integration

GAIA-X Federation Services includes the building of basic services for connected, open data infrastructure based on european standards and values. Those services should be distributed and decentralized and connected to each other will build the basis for a homogeneous and user-friendly system for secure data transfer. The project also entails implementing those services and provisioning of the relevant IT infrastructure.

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