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Daiteap (Multi-Cloud management platform)

Project Type

DevOps, Multi-Cloud, Self-Service platform for managing cloud infrastructure on all providers, devices and data centers


2019 - 2023


- Cloud - AWS, GCP, Azure, Alicloud
- IaC - Terraform, Ansible
- Kubernetes, Docker, Cluster-API, HELM, CEPH, Cert-manager, ArgoCD, Longhorn
- IoT RaspberryPi
- VueJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
- RabbitMQ
- Django und Python
- PKI,OAuth2.0/OIDC, SSO, Keycloak,VPN IPSEC/WireGuard

Daiteap simplifies the management of complex multi-cloud infrastructure by exposing easy to use UI and API to end users. Daiteap can manage Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines and S3 storage across a variety of cloud service providers, in-premise and IoT devices. Users can create integration multi-cloud environments by VPN, allowing Kubernetes nodes, virtual servers and devices to communicate directly without needing to cross edge network boundaries and use public IPs, gateways and proxies.

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