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Project Type

Horizon 2020 research project


2021 - 2024

Our Role

Within the scope of the project and cloud data platform will be developed to enable deployment, operation and access of the machine learning data modes as well as to facilitate the data gathering and analysis between ALTERNATIVE partners.

- Development of web-based data exchange platform based on CKAN
- Creation of custom CKAN extensions for: OIDC/SSO, S3 storage, Theming
- Packaging and deployment of the platform with CI/CD automation
- Integration of JupyterHub, CKAN and S3 with each other


- Implementation of Cloud Data Platform
- Integration of ML model and data source into the cloud data platform

ALTERNATIVE will develop an innovative platform able to detect the cardiotoxicity of chemicals and their biotransformation products. The novel platform will enable regulators and industry to identify, quantify and prevent cardiotoxic co-exposures to industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals in a cost-effective way. ALTERNATIVE will particularly focus on cardiotoxic effects on the older people, which is of high relevance in view of the aging European population and the high spread of cardiovascular diseases.

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