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ALTERNATIVE will develop an innovative platform able to detect the cardiotoxicity of chemicals and their bio-transformation products. The novel platform will enable regulators and industry to identify, quantify and prevent cardiotoxic co-exposures to industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals in a cost-effective way. ALTERNATIVE will particularly focus on cardiotoxic effects on older people, which is of high relevance in view of the ageing EU population and the high spread of cardiovascular diseases.

CST will develop the ALTERNATIVE cloud data platform which will host and support the operation of the in silico ML model, data, and external APIs. The platform will be created using public cloud provider and opensource
components like Hadoop and Kubernetes.

Contact at CST: Angel Kafazov
Project duration: 01/10/2021 — 30/09/2024
Coordinator: Politecnico di Torino 
Overall budget: €5,499,757.25
Number of partners: 11

Grant agreement ID: 101037090

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